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About Alan Karl

Alan Karl

Alan works in all fields of photography for a range of clients, both corporate and private. His work has been published in several UK magazines and has taken him to many interesting places, meeting inspiring and lovely people along the way.

Born in Cheshire in the mid-60s, Alan has always loved taking photographs. His passion for photography started at the age of twelve, the moment his Grandfather gave him his first camera. Unlike most children who would just snap away indiscriminately, Alan developed a real talent for taking a good photograph. He would travel far and wide on his bicycle across Cheshire seeking out colourful and interesting things to capture on film.

Since those early days Alan's love of photography never waned. As a young man he sought to learn more about his craft eventually getting a job with a printing firm and training as Colour Technician. He then gained employment at a top UK advertising agency, eventually becoming Associate Director. Spending over a decade providing prints for high profile exhibitions throughout the UK at Earls Court, G-Mex and the NEC.

Having the skills and technology to produce large scale prints (many 16ft by 6ft) from a single negative needed for these exhibitions inspired Alan's personal work. His creativity and expertise allowing him to produce stunning large scale landscape scenes.

Twenty or more film cameras (and years) later Alan made the transition from film SLR to digital SLR. Working in digital formats has given Alan a new energy in his approach to his work. The ability to do more post-production on images and apply creative effects brings new possibilities to his photographs and printing. Capture One Pro, Photoshop CS and Photoshop Lightroom replaces De Vere 504/5018, HK horizontal colour enlargers and the RA-4 72 inch processor, but the inventiveness and determination to produce a brilliant photograph remains.

Alan believes that the mark of good photography is not simply in the technical elements but driven through passion, imagination and the inspiration to capture that 'great' image.

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